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About Us

Noor Aqa Niazi – JGC President

Mr. Noor Aqa Niazi started JEEWA Group of Companies in early 2007. With the support and cooperation of JGC’s Managing Directors and skilled staff, JGC quickly became the driving force in Transportation, Construction, and other Logistics Services throughout Central Asia, as well as other Countries in the Middle East.  Mr. Niazi graduated from Kabul University with a degree in Business Administration and later graduated from Salaam University with a Juris Doctor (JD) law degree.  Mr. Niazi provides strategic regional leadership to all of his Employees and places a great deal of time into identifying and prioritizing the development and refinement of needed workplace programs, training materials and educational tools as well as providing the leadership necessary to dominate in both transportation and construction industries in Afghanistan.  Furthermore, Mr. Noor Aqa Niazi understands the unique business & cultural needs of working in Central Asia and has proactively represented the benefits of JGC as a unifying model for how a business should be run in Region.

Mohammed Aziz Mehrabi – Director of Operations

Mr. Mohammad Aziz Mehrabi is the Director of Operations for JEEWA Group of Companies and has been working with JGC since 2011.  Mr. Mehrabi graduated from Kardan University in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration and has more than 10 years’ experience working in the transportation industry in Afghanistan.  Mr. Mehrabi brings a high level of expertise and a vast amount of situational awareness to JGC that is unparalleled by workers in similar positions of leadership in other Companies.  Mr. Mehrabi speaks English, Pashto, Dari and Urdu with native proficiency and possesses exemplary supervisory and team building skills, as well as possessing distinct analytical and problem solving abilities.  Mr. Mehrabi has successfully helped to make JEEWA Group of Companies one of the most successful and well-organized Transportation Companies in the Region.

Amanullah Khan – Director of Finance

Mr. Amanullah Khan is the JEEWA Group of Companies Director of Finance.  Mr. Khan has 5 years of experience working in the Finance field and graduated with a degree in finance from the Institute of Management and Sciences in Peshawar Pakistan.  Mr. Khan is responsible for preparing all JEEWA Group of Companies’ financial statements, maintaining cash controls, preparing the payroll, and purchasing and maintaining accounts payable.  Mr. Khan speaks fluent English, Dari, Pashto and Urdu and has 12 years of experience working with computerized accounting programs and the generally accepted accounting principles.

J. Caleb Threadcraft – International Consultant

Mr. J. Caleb Threadcraft is the Senior Consultant for JEEWA Group of Companies and has been working with Mr. Noor Aqa Niazi since 2010.  Mr. Threadcraft has more than 13 years’ experience working overseas with Non-Government and Government Organizations as well as Independent Business Establishments.  Mr. Threadcraft’s experience and insight into Commercial and Government business opportunities in Central Asia have provided fresh and innovative ideas for JEEWA Group of Companies resulting in a more practical and progressive approach to invest intelligently, plan strategically and implement procedures more efficiently.