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Latest Technology :: Powered by Subrion 3.3

Latest Technology

Super Guard Vehicle Tracker PT-03

GPS location

GSM/ GPRS interface (for communication/ GPS data transmission)

Hands-free and cell phone capabilities

Built-in shock sensor (alarm through siren, Control Base, short

Message to vehicle owner’s mobile phone)

Wireless History Upload (internal 256KB EEPROM), wireless

Firmware upgrading of car unit via GPRS

Car remote interface to receive commands from Control Base or

User’s GSM phone (door lock/unlock, engine shut down, car battery

Status/off, flash lights)

Li-Ion Battery Pack (up to 24h stand-by without car battery support)

Location, monitoring, tracking through GPS in real time status

Connectivity through GSM terminal, GPRS Socket, phone/ fax modem, Data Call

User-friendly interface/ quick access to vehicle and user database

Easy setup/ editing / initializing of additional car units

Fast GSM interface to user database (vehicle units/ mobile phone numbers/   contacts)

Up to 5 Individual Geo-Fence setup for each car

One-click command-List (activate/ disarm vehicle unit, door lock/ unlock,   engine     on/off) and query status

Write and send short messages

Real-Time monitoring of Tracking Objects (20 sec interval and up)

Archive/ Upload History over

Create and Edit Points of Interest (POI)

Add map layers/ Move/ Zoom functions

Extensive Map/ Location Search function, Shortest Path/ Route Planner

• Online Upgrade Function


SG-VT02-GPRS Specification



2005/6/30Power supply DC 9V ~ DC 16V Power Consumption 45mA ~ 55mA ( Stand By )

Operating current 80mA ~ 90mA standby current

( Battery Pack ) 100mA ~ 120mA SMS current

250mA ~ 350mA talking current

100mA ~ 150mA GPRS online current

Battery Pack 7.2V 1700 mAh Dimension : 10.7mm (H) * 53mm(W) * 68mm(L)

Battery standby time Apprx 17 Hours

Battery charging time Apprx 4 Hours

Operating Temperature ‘-20