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JEEWA Group of Companies is a privately owned and operated Afghan Transportation Company with its headquarters located in Kabul Afghanistan.  JGC has been transporting Cargo in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in order to assist International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) as well as Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), to combat the ongoing insurgency and ultimately to take part in the endeavor to create a more stable and secure Afghanistan.  JGC maintains motor pools in 8 different Provinces around Afghanistan and is able to transport cargo in each of the 34 Provinces around the Country no matter how treacherous or volatile that Province may be.  JGC has also been awarded transportation contracts in a number of former Soviet Countries, making JGC the ideal choice for international transportation requirements in the Region.

JGC offers a powerful combination of short and long haul freight services that are custom tailored to meet the Client’s unique freight requirements regardless of whether or not goods are being shipped to/from Afghanistan or internally within Afghanistan.  JGC has a proven track record and will deliver each Client’s product/s to the final destination quicker than other Transporters, while at the same time, providing cost-effective solutions with a high degree of personalized service.   

During JEEWA Group of Companies’ long tenure providing transportation services in Afghanistan, JGC has always adhered to a comprehensive Scheduled, Nonscheduled and Preventative Maintenance plan as well as a stringent QA/QC program.  JGC’s upper management is made up of former US Military Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Transportation Specialists with many years of experience in the transportation field in Afghanistan.   

Today JEEWA Group of Companies has a fleet of over 180 Reefers Trucks (20ft and 40ft) and over 200 fully mission capable flatbeds (20ft and 40ft) to support transportation of perishable and non-perishable cargo throughout the Country and even across borders in other Central Asian and Middle Eastern Countries.  These numbers exclude assets that do not pass JGC internal inspection and which are taken off the line in order to be serviced.  In addition to trucks, JGC has over 200 Wireless Tapestry ITVs and over 200 Reefer containers for rent/lease.